What is a Rule 43 Application in divorce?

What is a Rule 43 Application in divorce?

Navigating a divorce and uncertain about interim support or child contact? The Rule 43 Application might be your answer. This application, pivotal in South African divorce laws, provides immediate relief during contentious divorce cases, ensuring financial support and maintaining child contact.

What does a Rule 43 Application entail?

Interim Financial Assistance:

If you’re facing financial challenges during your divorce process, this application allows the affected spouse or children to claim maintenance. It’s designed to offer a financial cushion until the divorce is finalised.

Child Contact:

Divorces can strain relationships, especially with children involved. Rule 43 ensures that interim care and contact with children are not neglected during these tough times.

Legal Costs Contribution:

Divorces can be expensive. Rule 43 can assist in claiming a portion of the legal fees associated with matrimonial actions.

If you or someone you know is in the throes of a divorce and needs urgent interim relief, the Rule 43 Application provides a streamlined solution. For more details or assistance on how to navigate this application, contact our experts at Burger Huyser Attorneys

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