Correspondent Services In Randburg. Benefits Of Entrusting Burger Huyser Attorneys.

Correspondent Services In Randburg. Benefits Of Entrusting Burger Huyser Attorneys.

Our years of experience as an established specialist services law firm offered us a perspective on the importance of collegiality within the legal profession. Not only does it open new horizons and possibilities for partnerships, but it certainly sets the bar higher and enhances the quality of services that we offer on a daily basis.

Burger Huyser Attorneys is an established law firm based in Randburg, in the heart of Gauteng Province. Added to the services we offer to our clients, we offer support services to colleagues in the legal profession who are based outside the jurisdictions we have a reach-in, by assisting them with correspondent services. Below is an outline and explanation of our correspondent services sculpt in which we invest our commitment and professionalism.

  1. What is a legal correspondent attorney?

A correspondent attorney is an attorney who executes the instructions of another attorney within a particular jurisdiction as if the instructing attorney had attended to those instructions themselves. However, despite the correspondent being mandated with the actual execution of instructions on the ground, the instructing attorney retains the right to issue directions as to how those instructions must be executed.

  1. Under which circumstances would you use a correspondent attorneys firm?

Rules Governing the Conduct of Civil Proceedings in the Magistrates Courts and the Uniform Rules prescribe that in executing client instructions, an attorney’s firm address where service of all process must be within 15km radius of the seat of Court and/or Registrar. Therefore, in the event that the office address of the attorneys instructed by the client is not within such 15km radius, they must appoint a correspondent attorney whose office address is within 15km radius from the seat of the Court.

  1. What are the duties and responsibilities of a legal correspondent attorney?

While the duties and responsibilities of an appointed correspondent attorney hugely depend on the nature of the instructions themselves, a correspondent attorney nevertheless must execute the instructions with the same care, urgency and professionalism had the instructing attorneys executed the instructions themselves. In other terms, there is a duty of care and trust placed upon the correspondent attorney by the instructing attorney. This is the compass around which our correspondent services at Burger Huyser Attorneys are premised.

We assist with the following;

  • Attending to Court appearances (Maintenance, Section 65 appearances, Pre-Trial conferences and other matters)
  • Issuing of matters at Court and instructing the Sheriff
  • Serving and filing of pleadings, documents etc
  • Attending to drawing, indexing and pagination of files and documents
  • Drafting of pleadings and documents
  • Execution of same day and urgent instructions
  • Trial and Motion Court date applications
  • Facilitating default judgment applications
  1. The COST of using a correspondent attorney?

In order to cater for the peculiar needs of each and every attorneys’ firm which require our correspondent services, we offer cost-effective and tailor-made fee structures. Kindly email us at for a concise and comprehensive insight into our correspondent attorney service fee structures.

  1. WHY US – as your correspondent attorney firm?

We have been offering correspondent attorney services since 2015, and hence not even time has been our greatest test. This is because the premises upon which our correspondent services are hinged upon always strives to achieve the goals of our instructing attorneys using an enhanced level of care, diligence, urgency and professionalism had the instructing attorneys executed the instructions themselves. This has naturally placed us in a position of preference by various attorneys based far and beyond the jurisdictions we operate in which are;

  • Randburg Magistrates Court
  • Johannesburg Magistrates Court
  • The Labour Court (Johannesburg)
  • South Gauteng High Court (Johannesburg)
  • Roodepoort Magistrates Court
  • Alexandra Magistrates Court
  • Krugersdorp Magistrates Court

Our correspondent attorneys in Randburg services department is run by capable, professional, diligent and astute attorneys as well as legal support staff with extensive experience, thereby ensuring the instructing attorneys have peace of mind. This has been proven by past clients (instructing attorneys) entrusting us with further matters and instructions time and again.

All instructions can be sent directly to us at

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