How Do You Check If A Trust Is Registered In South Africa?

How Do You Check If A Trust Is Registered In South Africa?

Navigating the complexities of trusts in South Africa can often feel daunting. Trusts, often utilised for asset protection and estate planning, are an essential part of the South African legal landscape. However, ensuring the legitimacy and proper registration of a trust is crucial for legal compliance and peace of mind.

To verify if a trust is registered:

Master’s Office: Every trust in South Africa should be registered with the Master’s Office. Upon registration, a trust will be assigned a unique IT number. Reach out to the Master’s Office in your jurisdiction and provide the trust’s name or IT number.

Deeds Office Search: If the trust owns property, a search at the Deeds Office can provide confirmation of the trust’s ownership and registration.

Consult with a Trust Attorney: Engaging with a professional who specialises in South African trust law can provide clarity. They can guide you through the verification process and offer insights into any other related queries.

Online Platforms: Some online platforms provide information on registered trusts. However, always ensure these sources are reliable and accredited.

Trust Deed: The founding document of every trust, the trust deed, contains vital details, including the trust’s objectives and trustees. A legitimate trust should readily provide its deed for verification.

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