How Do I Start the Process of Creating an Antenuptial Contract?

How Do I Start the Process of Creating an Antenuptial Contract?

To begin the process of establishing an Antenuptial Contract, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced attorney specialising in family and matrimonial law. This legal professional will guide you through the options available and explain the consequences of each, ensuring that you make a well-informed decision regarding your financial future.

Choosing Accrual System in an Antenuptial Contract

Once you’ve had a comprehensive consultation, you and your partner will need to decide whether to include or exclude the accrual system in your Antenuptial Contract. Your attorney will then draft the necessary documents tailored to your choice.

Execution and Notarisation of the Antenuptial Contract

After the document has been crafted to your specifications, it will be executed by both parties and a notary. The notary’s role is essential for the legal validity of the contract. Following this, the contract needs to be registered at the Deeds Office to be legally binding.

If you’re on the path to matrimony and considering an Antenuptial Contract, knowing when and how to initiate the process is key. Engage with a qualified attorney at Burger Huyser Attorneys to explore your options, understand the legal ramifications, and ensure the document is correctly executed and registered. This vital step can safeguard your assets and provide financial clarity in your marital journey.

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