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How Does The Implied Warranty Protect Solar System Purchasers?

Understanding the “Implied Warranty” is crucial for anyone purchasing a solar system. As legal professionals with expertise in consumer rights, we’re here to explain how this warranty serves as a protective shield for purchasers.

The Implied Warranty ensures that the solar system you buy is free from any latent defects at the time of purchase. It legally binds the vendor to provide a product that meets the standards and purposes for which it was sold. This means if your solar system has hidden faults that hinder its performance or efficiency, the warranty comes into play.

In the event of discovering such defects, you as a purchaser have the right to hold the vendor accountable. This could involve repairing the defective system, replacing it, or in some cases, a full refund.

Documentation is key. Keep a record of all communications with the vendor and any evidence of the defect. This will strengthen your claim should you need to pursue legal action.

At Burger Huyser Attorneys, we specialise in helping clients with defective solar system claims. If you’re experiencing issues with your solar system and believe it’s a latent defect, contact us. We’ll guide you through the process of making a claim under the Implied Warranty, ensuring your rights are protected and you get the resolution you deserve.

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