How To Claim Damages For A Defective Solar System?

How To Claim Damages For A Defective Solar System?

Are you grappling with the complexities of a defective solar system? Understanding your rights and responsibilities is crucial in successfully navigating a damage claim. As experienced lawyers in the field, we’re here to guide you through the process.

First, it’s vital to know about the “Implied Warranty Against Latent Defects.” This warranty ensures that your solar system is free from hidden faults that could impair its function. Even if your contract includes a “voetstoots” clause, vendors can still be liable for latent defects, especially if they were aware of these issues during the sale.

Additionally, solar systems should be free from “Redhibitory Vices” – defects that significantly reduce the system’s usefulness. If such defects are present, you have the right to initiate an “Action for Redhibition,” which could lead to the annulment of the sale and a full refund.

When dealing with a defective component in a solar system package, the nature of the defect and the principal object of the agreement determine whether you can rescind the entire transaction or just the affected part.

Lastly, if the defective solar system has caused damage to your property, establishing a clear causation link is essential. Remember, claims against the solar vendor and insurance claims are mutually exclusive.

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