Is My Union Recognized Under Customary Marriage Law?

Is My Union Recognized Under Customary Marriage Law?

In the diverse realm of customs and traditions, customary marriage law offers a unique framework that determines the validity of marital unions. The question often arises: “How do I ascertain if I’m married under customary law?” There are several key requirements that delineate a valid customary marriage:

Lobola payment and fixation;

Proper negotiation and celebration of the marriage;

Mutual consent of both parties; Both parties being at least 18 years old;

Neither party being already involved in a civil marriage. It’s imperative to understand that even if one of these criteria is missing, the marriage isn’t automatically nullified. For instance, even if a customary marriage isn’t celebrated post-lobola payment, it’s still prima facie considered valid and enforceable. This underscores the importance of being well-informed about customary marriage law, ensuring that both partners fully grasp their rights and obligations within the union.

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