Arbitration is a different way of legal dispute resolution where parties decide to forego the court process in favour of arbitration.  They submit their case to an arbitrator or arbitration panel who reviews the evidence, they listen to what the parties have to say and come to a decision after hearing all the evidence.  Arbitration clauses can be mandatory or voluntary and the arbitrator’s decision may be binding or nonbinding. The arbitrator’s decision is confidential unless a party finds it necessary to enforce the decision in court.

In South Africa arbitration is widely used and a popular method of dispute resolution. There has been a renewal of the South African Arbitration Law after the new International Arbitration Act in 2016.  South Africa is becoming a major regional arbitration centre.

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We offer our clients services that we feel proud of and that our clients can fully trust as our integrity is non-negotiable.  We arbitrate by agreement between parties and are impartial to all involved to ensure a fair resolution to all.  We are also able to offer other forms of alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation where we are fully experienced to assist you and be assured of our solution-driven results.

Allow us the opportunity to resolve your disputes outside of court.  We have experience and passion to successfully render an arbitration award.

Choose Burger Huyser Litigation Lawyers in Johannesburg as Arbitrators as we have gained vast experience in dealing with these matters over the years. We pride ourselves on delivering and sharing our experience, passion and integrity to your advantage.